TCL 32S327 32″ 1080p Roku TV Review

The TCL 32S327 32” 1080p Roku Smart LED TV was released in 2018. Below is a review of TCL 32S327. Let’s start.

Detailed TCL 32S327 Review 

Our review is categorized into Features overview, performance review, our verdict, and where to buy this TV model at fair price.

TCL 32S327 Features Overview

Screen Features: TCL 32S327 TV comes with a 32” (32-inch) screen with a Full HD (1080p) screen resolution. In addition, a refresh rate of 120, LED Display Type, and 4K Upscaler image enhancement feature.

Smart TV Features: TCL 32S327 TV is Wi-Fi enabled and has an in-built Roku device hence the name TCL 32S327 1080p Roku Smart TV.

Artificial Intelligent Features: TCL 32S327 has inbuilt Google and Alexa Assistant  technology.

Input/Output (I/O) Features: TCL 32S327 1080p Smart TV comes with 3 HDMI ports and 1 USB port.  Other connection facilities include the power connector, antenna port, 1 audio output port, and headphone jack. The power connector is on the right of the TV. The rest of the connection ports are on the left.

Remote Control Features: TCL 32S327 comes with One Remote Control. The Roku TV Remote has 4 buttons that you can click to instantly launch streaming providers like Amazon, Netflix, VUDU, and Rdio.

TCL 32S327 Performance Review

Picture and Video quality: The 1080p resolution, LED display type, and 4K upscaler guarantee a very high quality pictures and videos for a 32” TV. LED TV great colours and awesome clarity and is better than its LCD peers.

Though FHD (1080p) is not the brightest or sharpest TV in the market compared to higher resolution standards. However, it is worth noting 1080p offers the best resolution for TVs with a screen size not exceeding 50”.

The 4K Upscaler is a plus. The upscaling technology enhances HD making image quality even better. The upscaler does so by extracting even finer details from both the darkest and brightest image scenes.

Design & I/O Ports: A 32″ TV screen size is the most appropriate for a 1080p screen resolution. If you intend to use your TV in a small room, TCL would be a good choice for you.

The three HDMI ports have no major advantage since TCL 32S327 comes with inbuilt Roku, you may not need any other streaming device. Only one USB port is a major drawback. This means you can only connect a single USB device.

With I/O ports on either side of the TV is a great design. This makes it easy to mount the TV on the wall. As one remote hit TV market industry TCL 32S327 1080p was not left behind.

Streaming Performance: With Roku, you save money. You do not need to install expensive cable TV equipment to watch your favorite TV channels thus saving you money.

However, you can still watch paid programs like Netflix if you wish. What you need to do is subscribing to the providers then uses your account to stream on Roku TV.

Smart & Artificial Intelligence Performance: GA and Alexa Assistants make TCL 32S327 very convenient to control. For example, you can switch on or off this TCL model by speaking to its smart speakers to switch on or off, change channels, launch apps and many more.

Our Verdict

Our verdict is a review of price and value for money. The average retail price for TCL 32S327 is $149 in Amazon.

Based on our performance review above,  The model offers value for money as compared to other 32 inches (32″) TVs.

Our verdict is that TCL 32S327 32” 1080p Roku Smart LED TV is one of the best for a 32” TV. The TV rating score is 9.0/10. We, therefore, recommend it to you.


TCL 32S327  Review Summary


Picture and Video quality


Design & I/O Ports


Streaming Performance


Smart & Artificial Intelligence


Price & Value for Money



  • In-built Roku TV eliminates need for streaming devices
  • Voice Assistant by Alexa and Goggle Assistant
  • Use of LED technology brighter screen.


  • Only 1 USB port
  • 32" not suitable for large rooms

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