Have you ever come across “Your clock is ahead” or “Your clock is behind” error while surfing the internet on your phone, tablet or computer? 

For Android devices, the error reads as follows:

“A private connection to yoursite.com can’t be established because your device’s date and time are incorrect.”

You must have wondered why your device cares about the correct time.

Below is why?

Websites use digital certificates to identify themselves on the Internet. For security reasons, these certificates are only valid for a given period.

Browsers and servers must verify certificates before creating an SSL session to allow the websites to load.

In that regards, if your device’s time is incorrect, browsers will fail to verify the certificates.

As a result, your clock is ahead” or “your clock is behind error is generated. 

If you have to proceed, there are no two ways about this error. You have to correct time.

How to correct your clock is ahead or your clock is behind error in Android

You need to correct this immediately since it is frustrating. In fact, with the incorrect time, you cannot update or access the Android App Store. 

The solution is very simple! 

You only need to adjust your android device’s time in two ways. You can forward the time in case of your clock is behind error. Alternatively, you can backdate the time in case of your clock is ahead error.  

How to Adjust Time in Android Gadgets

Android devices are manufactured by different phone manufacturing companies. Popular companies currently include Samsung, Huawei, Nokia, Sony, Oppo, Xiaomi, and LG. 

This is unlike Apple devices that are solely manufactured by Apple company. In that regards, adjusting the time in Android devices may differ from one phone to another.  

However, there are two main standard ways to adjust the time in an Android device. Either manually or automatically in the device time settings as explained below. 

1. Adjust time automatically. Two main methods of adjusting time automatically. First, nearly all android phones have time zones settings. By selecting a time zone that best lies in your location, time adjusts automatically. 

Most Android devices have “Automatic date and time” feature in “Date and Time” settings.

What you need to do is to enable this setting. Your device will automatically adjust the time. 

2. Edit time Manually. To set the time manually, you first need to disable “Automatic date and time.” if your android device has this feature enabled.

By so doing, you activate the manual mode of setting android time. To set time, you need the correct time of your location otherwise the same error will re-occur. 

Find a reliable gadget to refer the correct time. The best gadget you can confirm time is the computer. 

A computer clock is one of the most reliable since computers have an internal battery, popularly known as CMOS battery, that keeps the clock on even when powered off. 

Then select and set date, select and set time, select and set the time zone, and select the preferred date and time format either 12-hour or 24-hour.

Navigate back to your browser. Refresh the page that generated that error. Continue surfing the internet happily. 

Now you know. Next time your smartphone or tablet pops up the clock is ahead or clock is behind, you will relax, and sort yourself.