To choose a smartphone puzzle almost everyone. Thus, what to consider when it comes to choosing a smartphone is a common question for many phone buyers.

You must have heard someone confessing they made a mistake to buy the smartphone they own. This brings us to the below question.

What is the best smartphone for you in 2019?

The best answer to the above question is that “it depends!” Why? It depends because the best smartphone for you is one that meets your phone needs.

Mistakes While choosing smartphones

Our research revealed two main mistakes. First, many buyers fail to understand their “phone needs.” Thus, they only realize later they forgot to consider certain needs.

Secondly, copying others. Most people choose smartphones that friends or families own. Only to realize later that they are not serving them as expected. Unknown to them that someone else’s best phone might not be the best for you.

Below are factors to consider when to choose the right smartphone and avoid these mistakes.

1: Choose an Operating System (OS)

Choosing an appropriate OS is the starting point in choosing the best smartphone. The most popular OS in the market today are Android (Google) and IOS (Apple). Microsoft stopped manufacturing Windows phone in 2017.

Think and decide which operating system is best for you. While IOS may be good for someone else, this might not be good for you. Therefore, take time to decide what you need. However, you need to note the following.

IOS is an exclusive OS for Apple iPhones. Exclusive means that the OS is only usable in Apple phones or tablets. Therefore, if you prefer IOS, you must be prepared to buy an iPhone.

On the other hand, Android is Google’s Operating System. Unlike IOS, Android is not exclusive. Google has licenced most popular phone manufacturing companies to use Android OS on their phones.

Therefore, major phone manufacturers like Samsung, SONY, HTC, and Nokia among others are powered by Android OS.

Caution: Android has announced that it will not offer updates on its products on Huawei devices going forward due to

Windows is a Microsoft Operating system. You might find Windows phones in the market. Particularly, you may find some Nokia phones are running on the Windows 10 OS.

Windows Smartphone Caution: If you like windows phone, there is bad news for you. Microsoft has stopped manufacturing Windows phones. Therefore, we advise you don’t buy a Windows phone since these phones might not get the relevant updates.

Now that you have chosen the operating systems according to your needs, it is time to look at what other factors we should consider.

2: Choose Screen Size/Display

Again, the size of your screen depends on your needs. If you use your phone to watch movies, obviously a bigger screen will work for you.

If you are in photography, a bigger screen is better. Whereas, a smaller screen is good for you if you wish to operate your phone using one hand.

A student may require a larger screen to assist in reading PDF and word documents. The examples are endless.

3: Choose Front and Back Camera

The phone camera is very key to most phone users in the world today. Nearly everyone using a smartphone use Camera at one time. Therefore, choosing the appropriate cameras is very important.

The rear (back) camera is what many people use to take photos. The front camera is very key for selfie fans. Thus, a phone with a clear and powerful front camera will be very key for selfie guys.

Phone camera quality is measured in terms of Megapixels. However, you may find two phones with the same megapixels but different photo quality. How is this possible?

Note that photo quality also depends on the quality of the camera sensors and phone chips. Therefore, never solely rely on the Megapixel.

The best recommendation is that make sure you compare video and photo qualities of the phones of your interest before you decide which one to buy.

For instance, if you are interested in photography, a front camera is definitely a very important factor to consider.  Whereas if you are interested in taking selfie photos, you require a smartphone with a powerful front camera.

4: Know the Phone’s Battery Life Span

Smartphone battery can be frustrating. Thus, battery life is very key when deciding the best smartphone for you.

The battery life of smart devices battery capacity is measured in a Milliamp Hour (mAh). Any phone with a battery capacity exceeding 2,500 mAh can last above 10 hours of use.

Some of the phones above this range include Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (3,600mAh/18h 42min), iPhone Xs Max (3,174mAh/11h 18min), and OnePlus 3 (3,000mAh/16h 27min).

From the above examples, you observe that some phones have higher mAh yet their batteries don’t last as others with lower mAh.

That’s is the reason why you should not only consider the highest mAh. Instead, consider battery time when in use.

Why is it that some smartphone lasts for a shorter period despite higher mAh? There are several factors that matter as explained below.

Screen size and the phone’s processing power are two factors that determine how long a phone battery lasts.

Obviously, a phone with a bigger screen will use more power when in use. As well, higher screen brightness increases power consumption.

This is perhaps the reason you realise many smartphones will last longer when idling.

Secondly, the higher the processing power, the higher the power consumption. Thirdly, how often you are able to charge your phone matters.

Some people can access and charge their phones as many times as they can. Other people may have limited access to charging points based on the nature of their job. Such people require a phone battery with longer life to sustain them.

Therefore, think about what situation suits you then choose the best smartphone for you. Remember we said it depends.

5: When to Choose Smartphone Prices

Smartphone price is the best option for those who are confused about which phone to buy. Why is a smartphone price a factor to consider? Below is why.

We have gone through the features to consider when buying a phone. Obviously, the more reliable and durable the features are the more expensive is the phone.

Therefore, the higher the price of a smartphone, the better the features. There are three smartphone price ranges namely the Budget price, Mid-Range Price, and flagship phones. 

Budget Smartphones ($300)

These are basic phones with basic features. You will find that these phones have most features that are on every other phone. However, most features may be of low quality. For instance, though you may find the phone has both fronts.

Mid-Range Smartphone  ($300 – $600)

These are phones of middle quality. Generally, phones have the most features you may wish from a smartphone. However, what matters is quality.

You will find most manufacturers in this category have a specific feature that is the selling point for their gadget. Some features of selling point include the camera, long battery life, and gorilla glass among others.

Flagship Smartphones (Above $600)

Flagship phones are the best smartphones in the world. They have the best features and enhanced capabilities.

For instance, these phones have super front and rear cameras with high capabilities to zoom far images. They have a very high processing speed. They also have enhanced security features like facial recognition.

Some examples of Flagship Smartphones include iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy Note 7, and OnePlus 3.