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Dolby Vision Explained

Dolby Vision is a popular term in-home entertainment devices today. You have probably seen the terms Dolby and HDR10 if you have shopped for a TV lately. Do you know the difference? If no, relax you are in the right place. What...

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High Dynamic Range (HDR) Explained

HDR was introduced alongside Ultra HD technology to enhance image clarity. Therefore, what is HDR and how does it influence resolution? Brief History Behind HDR Kindly note that the invention of HD was a great stride in the...

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Difference between 1080i vs 1080p FHD

Both 1080i and 1080p are resolution standards in Full HD display. A screen can display an image in either interlacing or progressive techniques. Interlacing means, that TV creates images lighting pixels either even or odd lines...

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Contrast Modulation (CM) Explained

CM is a measure of how adjacent pixels in a display distinguish themselves from one another. Technically, CM is a measure of the ability of a display to distinguish black lines and white lines on a screen. Note that a pixel is a...

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