What is Tekytutor.com

Tekytutor.com is a technology blog that covers all matters that include smart devices, social media, IT, computer science, and Telecommunication.

What We Do

We teach you the latest trends in technology through articles on reviews, tutorials, how-t0 procedures, and many more.

Who Do we Target

Tekytuttor.com blog targets both IT and Non-IT people who are interested or who interact with technology on a day-to-day basis. For example, we write articles on tips for non-IT people who use phone, tablet, social media or computers. We write articles covering concepts suitable for experts or anyone who is learning IT, computer science, and Telecommunication.

Why Read Our Blog

This tech blog distinguishes itself since it is written with non-IT users in mind. Therefore, our articles are written in simple language and with examples that readers can relate to. However, we have some technical content for technical guys.